An Ordinary Life

“There are no ordinary lives”. — Ken Burns

When I was at secondary school, once or twice a year I would take out a book from the library called “Ordinary Lives”. It was some sort of 1970s textbook about the average Victorian family and I loved it. It had typical shopping lists and average prices for essential items. It detailed what our hypothetical family might do for work and in their leisure time. It described weddings, births and funerals.

I don’t think anybody else ever read this book. In fact I know they didn’t, as the last date stamp on the inside ticket would always be mine. Sometimes a whole year would pass and it would sit on the shelf untouched, waiting for me to take it out again.

So, aside from being a bit of a strange teenager, I think this shows that I have always been fascinated with the tales of family life. The people and the places. The magic and the mundane. The extraordinary everyday.

I intend this blog to be a snapshot of our family life. It might be as interesting to everybody else as that library book, but to me it will be fascinating. A record of our everyday adventures.

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